El Chupa Nibre (ixtimesiii) wrote,
El Chupa Nibre

AOL-Time Warner and Viacom have killed Saturday Morning Cartoons

This is pasted and patched from coversations this evening:

I read this article tonight on the death of Saturday morning cartoons. I can't say it's any shock, I've seen the utter shit they put on there now.

I mean fuck, that was a ritual for me as a kid and I had a great time. I don't give a fuck if my kid takes 4 hours out of his week to veg on cartoons like I did. And jesus, the choices. I remember what tough decisions I had to make watching cartoons on saturdays.

This line tells it all, Viacom did it in the billard room with the candle stick:

"A child who never knew the phenomenon of Saturday morning cartoons sees no reason to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings rather than on Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons."

Came up with a nice little conspiracy theory:

How will this effect those who are in lower income brackets and can't afford cable? Hell, right now we don't even have Nickeloden or Cartoon Network. We cut down to basic cable to cut costs. Saturday mornings were a time to exercise the imagination. Besides watching cartoons I also played with all my toys. Not just following plots on TV with only one kind of toy. I used ALL my toys and weaved massive epic stories, influenced by the TV. So, haviing the lower income families not exercising their imagination will turn then into unthinking worker drones. Thus enslaving us...

It all started when Bush hit office.

Yes, I'm blaming the downfall of Saturday morning cartoons on Bush.

The last part of this says that Saturday Morning Cartoons are dead forever because TV evolves and never goes back. But frankly, it's pretty fucking new in the span of things. Just almost 60 years old. The first people who had TVs are still alive.
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