El Chupa Nibre (ixtimesiii) wrote,
El Chupa Nibre

Fuck you Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis' biggest complaint about our modern time is that the wonders promised in the 60's Sci-Fi books and movies never came to be. Where are the flying cars, he's written. Personally, I say fuck the flying cars. We ARE living in a god damn 60's sci-fi setting.

Think about it. If we had read about our modern time would we be shock, amazed, and appalled all at the same time? The very first thing that kicked me in the head was what my son's been eating lately. Yogurt in a fucking tube. Food in a flimsy plastic disposable tube! It doesn't just stop with Yogurt; there's apple sauce and jello that I know about. My mother in law decided to build a stock pile of food for my son, in case of nuclear war and all, all consisting of this tube food.

I think back in the 60's we'd have been all shocked about a world where America's been taken over by fuedalistic merchants. They'd be shocked about a so called democratic country having a president appointed by a panel of 5 black robed people. Then there's one that probably doesn't apply tot he 60's, but maybe a bit earlier. Everyone's attached to a machine that effects their emotions, and for the most part has been stuck on the fear setting with the occasional break to try to coerce you into becoming part of one of the previously mentioned fuedal entities.

America, welcome to your future.
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